Going to the NISV

by Matthew Hicks

Today the program visited the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this inspired. Willem Jan Neutelings, Michiel Riedijk, and Jaap Drupsteen designed the amazing architecture and it was, in short, breathtaking to be in there. I came out of the building with so many ideas for projects that I want to tackle in the future.

We took a tour and them were able to experience the exhibition. Our tour guide explained that the archive was like a living, breathing human-being. As the tour guide was taking us around the building and explaining the structure and where everything is kept and archived and then how it is easily made available to users, I realized that this is how information is supposed to be – readily available to users so that they can interact with it in inspiring, thought-provoking, and intriguing ways.

After our tour we were given a lecture by Dr. Roeland Ordelman titled “Audiovisual content exploitation in the networked information society.’ There’s a lot more to say about this experience, but I really haven’t been able to digest it all yet. Here are some pictures from the tour:

And a couple pictures from the exhibit:


About netherlanders2010

We are 21 students, one teacher, and a few info-groupies on a study abroad program in the Netherlands from August 22-September 17 2010. We will be working with faculty and researchers from the Virtual Knowledge Studio, the Erasmus Studio, and the Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage (CATCH) in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Hilversum, to study the ways in which research informs design in information systems and practice in the Netherlands. Plus, we'll spend a lot of time wandering around, going to libraries, museums, and the Oude Sluis, and doing whatever strikes our individual and collective fancies. Alstublieft!
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