This Group is Click-y

by Myria Jacobs

Having been in Amsterdam officially for six days now, iStudents have been plugging in to keep in touch. With approximately 15 computers from the states and two house computers, access is available to everyone. Students on the upper floors have to work around the lobby hours, and when walking downstairs while it is closed, one often finds students perched on the ladder-like stairs, just trying to get a signal. At times, the lobby at The Bicycle Hotel looks more like a computer lab than a place for visitors to share travel stories.

Looks can be deceiving. We are in fact writing blog posts, managing Facebook, emailing friends back in America, sharing pictures via Flickr, Skyping, or just chatting with other students who don’t want to brave the stairs and come to the lobby. A few students have cell phones they are using to keep in touch and we even have a Tweeter. Another common method of communication is the classic postcard, with the overwhelming message of “wish you were here.” And we do.


About netherlanders2010

We are 21 students, one teacher, and a few info-groupies on a study abroad program in the Netherlands from August 22-September 17 2010. We will be working with faculty and researchers from the Virtual Knowledge Studio, the Erasmus Studio, and the Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage (CATCH) in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Hilversum, to study the ways in which research informs design in information systems and practice in the Netherlands. Plus, we'll spend a lot of time wandering around, going to libraries, museums, and the Oude Sluis, and doing whatever strikes our individual and collective fancies. Alstublieft!
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