Biking the Amstel

I heard the babies cheeping in the grass and the next thing I knew, the daddy swan was hissing and chasing me up the hill.

by Nathalie Wargo

Amsterdam is an amazing city. It’s very existence defies laws of nature. Artists are inspired by “Venice of the North,” while college students around the world see the chance to “live free.”

However, sometimes a girl just can’t stay in the city. So out I went, sans map or any form of communication, to see what I could see. After a long and winding route, I ended up in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. On the way I went through Amsterdamse Bos, a 2,471 acre English style park owned by the City of Amsterdam. It was very neat and had petting zoos, horseback riding, sports arenas and boating. Then I cut across east to the Amstel River, which has its own interesting park with a small maze (which I never saw) and a tour train (which I did see). I followed the Amstel south and then back north from Oudekerk.

Swan Mill. I still don't know the history. Even the Wikipedia page is in Dutch.

The countryside offered up enough beauty and uniquely Dutch views to satisfy even me. I got some great pictures that I can’t wait to play with. I hope you enjoy them, also!

The houses were amazing. So many little cool details.

Near Amstel Park is the Mill where Rembrandt did many of his sketches.


About netherlanders2010

We are 21 students, one teacher, and a few info-groupies on a study abroad program in the Netherlands from August 22-September 17 2010. We will be working with faculty and researchers from the Virtual Knowledge Studio, the Erasmus Studio, and the Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage (CATCH) in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Hilversum, to study the ways in which research informs design in information systems and practice in the Netherlands. Plus, we'll spend a lot of time wandering around, going to libraries, museums, and the Oude Sluis, and doing whatever strikes our individual and collective fancies. Alstublieft!
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