Eating around Rotterdam

By Pei Yu Lin

I found myself craving for Chinese food after all the amazing Dutch food we had in Amsterdam.

I was surprised to find xiao long bao here in Rotterdam. To me, it was just as good as the ones from Din Tai Fung. 🙂


There are ice cream shops everywhere – I got blackberry and Tiramisu ice cream.

Second group dinner during the program
Location: SOIF, which is very close to the hotel and right on a canal

Bitter lemon

Prosciutto wrap with arugula

Grilled scallops with butter and lemon

Backed vegetables with Gorgonzola

Orange flan with whipped cream and strawberry covered with chocolate powders

Group dinners give me opportunities to get to know other students better, while enjoying great food.

Fancy looking chocolates, in the shapes of mushroom and pumpkin

and in the shapes of maple leaves and coco beans

After dinner, we went to Oude Sluis (which was rated no.15 best bar in Europe)

Poppy’s new friend got her a Belgium beer – Corsendonk Abbey Pale Ale, which was really tasty

And her new friend got me a really tasty Belgium beer as well – Chimay peres trappistes, which I shared with the group

Most Dutch speak very good English and are friendly. I am impressed.


About netherlanders2010

We are 21 students, one teacher, and a few info-groupies on a study abroad program in the Netherlands from August 22-September 17 2010. We will be working with faculty and researchers from the Virtual Knowledge Studio, the Erasmus Studio, and the Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage (CATCH) in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Hilversum, to study the ways in which research informs design in information systems and practice in the Netherlands. Plus, we'll spend a lot of time wandering around, going to libraries, museums, and the Oude Sluis, and doing whatever strikes our individual and collective fancies. Alstublieft!
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